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Pivot: Spooky Tales With A Twist

Short Stories

Pivot: Spooky Tales With A Twist

It was a week before they found her. Covered in filth and grime, there was no doubt the tiny body had long since parted from her mortal coil.

Breathers! They were all the same. Weak, pathetic, oxygen-stealing meat sacks intent on cheating death.

No one cheated Death.

Pivot brings you sixteen spooky tales with a twist you won’t always see coming.

Murderous villains, ghostly encounters, horrifying choices, and evil monsters-embrace the dark, the devious, and the macabre.

From murder to revenge to the mysterious, this short story collection covers a range of timeless mythical creatures, modern-day dilemmas, and the bittersweet taste of revenge.

Read it with the lights off.

If you dare...

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