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Moon Vow

Paranormal Romance

Moon Vow

The Artemis Curse

Part IV

A moment of truth. A play on words. An unveiling of myth and malice.

Karisa reveals her identity, hoping her friends understand her mission and the rising stakes, but their reactions, especially Garrett’s, leave her feeling more confused and alone than ever. Torn between her heart’s desire and keeping one step ahead of the Shadow Master, her future has never been more precarious. 

Now her forewarning has become Takoda’s reality. The great battle is upon them. Persons unknown attack a wizard within the university walls. The enemy takes a witch hostage to ensure Karisa’s compliance, and a long-forgotten verse reveals more than anyone thought possible.

With Tempest’s shadow mages overrunning the university, the professors and students must fight for their lives. Failure is not an option, but now the one person meant to save them, Karisa, is nowhere to be seen.

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