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Moon Set

Paranormal Romance

Moon Set

The Artemis Curse

Part III

A heartbreaking betrayal. A secret confession. An enmity of power and passion. 

The guilds at Takoda University are finally showing signs of coming together. Even the stubborn Beltanes. Karisa’s worked hard to get them there, but her powers are weakening, and her task is far from complete. Just when she’s beginning to think she can trust Garrett, he betrays her. Well, he’s tricked her for the last time.

With as many friends at Takoda as she has foes, Karisa doesn’t always know who she can trust. Without Garrett on her side, things will be challenging, but damned if she’ll let him destroy everything she's achieved and all the good she’s done. The guilds must unite if they are to defeat the Shadow Master. She can’t let them win.

When the shadow mages strike, it’ll take everything Karisa has to survive and to escape. The fate of both their realms depends on it. All she can do is hope the goodness she’d sensed in Garrett will triumph.

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