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Moon Rise

Paranormal Romance

Moon Rise

The Artemis Curse

Part I

A distant realm. A brewing war. An enemy who lurks in every shadow.

Her mission sounds simple. Unite four university guilds, prepare them for the coming battle–saving their realm and her own–and return home when the war is done. Only for Karisa Euterpe, crossing the realms comes at a price.

Heartbreak has taken on new meaning. Not everyone trusts her. The guilds don’t even trust each other, which makes her quest impossible. There’s every chance she might never return home, and her growing attraction to the most frustrating wizard she’s ever met is another complication she doesn’t need.

Determined to succeed, Karisa sets out to complete the task foretold by her youngest sister but soon realizes she’s out of her depth. The enemy is more powerful than she ever imagined and growing stronger every day. Her heart is torn between her friends and her mission, and everything is shrouded in secrets that threaten to derail her.

Then there’s the Artemis Curse… the one thing Karisa can’t escape, no matter which realm she tries to hide in.

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