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Moon Blessed

Paranormal Romance

Moon Blessed

The Artemis Curse

Part V

A curse revealed. A cabal of traitors. An epiphany of redemption and triumph.

Tricked into traveling to the Department of Magical Affairs, Karisa faces the Shadow Master at last and Donovan Tempest reveals his plans for the Peacemaker. 

Devastated by the awful truth, Karisa’s faced with the terrible choice she feared since the beginning. Either she watches her friends die one by one or she gives in to Tempest’s demands to open the way to her realm.

With no way of knowing if the guilds have united or if there are any survivors back at Takoda University, there’s only one thing to do. Her decision thrusts Karisa, her friends, the Shadow Master, and his most faithful followers into a fateful conclusion. One that’s certain to destroy more than her hopes and dreams.

Then there’s Garrett, who’s become her most heartbreaking choice of all.

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