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Departmental Relations

Short Stories

Departmental Relations

The Artemis Curse


Rivals since their university days, Agents Nixie Veda and Dashiell Tyson have chased the same positions since they joined the Department of Magical Affairs.

Dash, now her boss, hosts an inter-office party to celebrate when the Magical Enforcement Agency closes another high-profile case. The top job should have been Nixie’s. After some drinks, she considers telling him as much, only she’s afraid that’s not the only thing she might reveal.

Dash fell for Nixie in their freshmen year, but their overdeveloped competitive streak has them clashing at every turn. Brilliant at her work, she’s all about the job. He’d give anything for her to see him as a lover, not her opposition. Maybe a party environment will make them relax enough to have an actual conversation, and lead to something more.

But one agent has a hidden agenda, and they’ll do anything to get what they want. Even use a little forbidden magic, and an office party is the perfect cover.

Content warning:

High heat sex scenes

* National Excellence in Story Telling (NEST) Paranormal Short Story Finalist 2024

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