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Redemption Through Romance

Karisa Euterpe must unite four magical guilds to stop an evil wizard,
but betrayal, secrets, and a powerful curse threaten both
her mission and her heart.

The Artemis Curse is a 5-part steamy Paranormal University Romance story.

To stop a maniacal wizard’s evil plans, Karisa Euterpe undertakes a dangerous mission to unite four university guilds to help her save both their realm and her own, but crossing realms comes at a price.


The guilds don’t trust each other, let alone Karisa. There’s danger at every turn. The enemy is closing in. And time is running out. Secrets and betrayal run rampant in Takoda University’s hallowed halls.

That’s not her only concern. Garrett Huxley, the key to unlocking the stubbornest of the guilds, seems determined to undermine her every move. 

Then there’s the curse that binds her in her realm, which is just as powerful in this one. There’s no telling what will happen if its dangerous magic claims her.


Not knowing who she can trust, Karisa prepares for the coming battle, knowing more than magic is at stake. If she fails her mission, no realm will be safe. Never mind the danger she has of losing her heart to the most infuriating wizard she’s ever met.


“The Artemis Curse” is a magical tale of love, courage, friendship, and the age old battle between good and evil.

Romantic Suspense 

The Trinket Bay Series is a contemporary romantic suspense story.

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